AMDCF has provided assistance through education in the lives of twenty-five physically challenged school going children in Sierra Leone by paying school fees since its inception in 2012 to education. This has been achieved with the help of our contributors; your contributions have brought changes in the lives of these disabled children in Freetown Sierra Leone as most of them were at the verge of dropping out of school with dying potentials of becoming Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Civil Servants, Engineers, Accountants, to name but a few as their parents/ wards could not afford the cost of their schooling.

Your supports has thus gave life back to the potentials and dreams of these kids with continuity in their education with the provision of financial aids learning and writing materials such as text books, pens, note books and other educational materials that will help them acquire the necessary skills for their advancement. Your contributions will empower the underprivileged non-school going disabled children to learn skills based on their talents in trades like carpentry, tailoring, and other vocational training that enhances their roles in their respective communities and the society as a whole.

Also disabled street kids begging would be cared for through your support by giving them the same opportunities, privileges, and rights to education, health and the improvement of other social amenities as other kids in their communities. Moreover your contribution will provide the children with their felt-needs such as mobility and hearing aids and aids specific to their needs to help them achieve their desired goals as this is a major obstacle to them.

We will provide counseling services to disabled children and their families towards the progress and welfare of their kids through your support. Your contribution will furthermore increase the number of children especially those in the street, orphans and less fortunate ones that will benefit from our education aid and expanding our scope to other children in other part of the country especially in remote areas. If these above needs are achieved, it will make tremendous impacts in the lives of disabled children in Sierra Leone.

We are seeking your contribution to ensure that disabled school going children in Sierra Leone have continuity in education through the provision of financial aids (grants) to help them cover their tuitions, books, and other educational materials for a whole academic year up to university level and to provide skill training facilities to those that want to acquire skills. Most parents of disabled children in Sierra Leone cannot provide the basic financial needs of their children to go to school. As such, disabled children are being left out, malnourished and may end up on the streets begging and being useless to themselves and society.

These cannot be achieved single handedly without our contributors who have being of help to us and we are therefore grateful for the support we have received from you so far in making positive impacts in the lives of our children. We are soliciting support from other contributors to help in our cause and warmly welcoming more hands to change the lives of disabled kids in Sierra Leone and give meaning to their lives with better future.