Abdul Moiwa was born to Sahr Christopher and Isatu Samira Moiwa on November 21, 2007, at Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital. Family and friends alike rejoiced at the birth of the baby boy – a moment of pure happiness for the whole family.

When Abdul was 4 months old, his parents planned a trip to the baby shower of a family friend’s brother in Sacramento on March 1, 2008. After enjoying the festivities of the cheerful event, the family drove home. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst.

On their way back to San Jose from the baby shower in Sacramento, at approximately 3:20 am, the family was involved in a tragic car accident that took the life of Abdul’s mother, Isatu Samira Moiwa. Unfortunately, Sahr Moiwa sustained significant injuries throughout their body, particularly severe back pain. The aunt sustained severe bodily injuries, including broken bones.

Unfortunately, the worst was received by Abdul, who was ejected and thrown out of the car, sustaining life threatening injuries such as severe traumatic brain injuries, hemiplegia and various severe injuries over his body.

Abdul Moiwa and his father were hospitalized in San Joaquin, while the aunt was taken to Sacramento Hospital and other members to Stockton Hospital.

After the accident, authorities made efforts to provide better care to Abdul Moiwa and tried to airlift him to Oakland Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, due to his constantly deteriorating conditions, Abdul Moiwa’s airlift became an almost impossibility. After many brave attempts, Abdul Moiwa was finally airlifted to Oakland Children’s Hospital.

Joined by family, friends, community members and many sympathizers, Sahr Moiwa was finally able to acquire better care for his son. Placed on life support and in a tragic state, it was difficult for visitors to see Abdul’s condition. Unfortunately, the situation did not improve considering that Sahr Moiwa had to plan a funeral for his beloved Samira.

Torn apart, experiencing severe back pain and still in traumatic shock, Sahr Moiwa arranged Samira’s funeral. During the time, he was held together by a mountain of support from family, friends, community members and well-wishers. Required to receive progressively worsening updates on his son every other day, time was exceptionally difficult for Sahr Moiwa.

Unable to remove various impurities from his body, Abdul Moiwa was in a destabilizing condition. The family was called repeatedly to make crucial and almost impossible decisions regarding Abdul’s healthcare, including the option to shift Abdul to other hospitals in Oakland and San Jose.

With his world crashing down on him, heart torn asunder and emotions unrivalled and truly inexpressible, Sahr Moiwa had a dream about his wife, Samira, and son Abdul. Wondering with his son, the flea market they were walking in turned into a massive ocean. He dreamt Samira appeared from the ocean and talked to him and asked if she could see and play with Abdul. After giving Abdul into the tender loving arms of his mother. However, his mother dived into the water, which shocked and scared Sahr to the core.

When he shouted her name and asked her to bring Abdul back, she did. Then, she proceeded to reassure him that nothing would happen to their child. According to Sahr, Samira told him to spend more time with Abdul while she watches over them both, ensuring nothing bad befalls either of them.

The next day, Sahr ran towards his son and was sure that he was going to be healed. Retelling his story to others, everybody believed him and was amazed at the story. Fortunately, Abdul was transferred to Kaiser Santa Clara Hospital and kept on life support.

Despite repeated meetings, Abdul’s chances of recovering did not improve. However, chances improved when both Sahr and Abdul’s doctors were tired of being powerless. Working together, they decided to turn the tables for Abdul and help him relive his life. Sahr felt as if God was answering his prayers.

The single biggest problem during the time was getting food into Abdul’s mouth. Unable to eat, a surgery was decided upon in which a tube would be inserted into Abdul’s stomach, allowing him to acquire nutrients. While pleased with the decisions, Sahr Moiwa was still disheartened, as any father would be.

Fortunately, the situation improved as Abdul drank 2 teaspoons of water from his grandmother’s hand. His grandma was worried about the surgery and wanted to do her best to help Abdul. When she gave him his first sip, Abdul grasped for more. Happy, she encouraged Abdul and gave him another teaspoon of water to drink.

From that moment on, everything improved. Shouting Hallelujah, Sahr and the hospital staff were extremely happy. His doctors were pleased with the progress and therefore the surgeon called off the surgery. At that point, Sahr asked the doctor for permission to take Abdul to church and present him to God for thanks. The doctors permitted it.

Medication was brought to Abdul and slowly yet surely, Abdul was recovering, shocking the rehabilitation doctor, Dr. Mandec, who then called Abdul a miracle baby.

Almost a week later, Abdul was dramatically better and was finally discharged from the hospital. After so long, Abdul and his family could return home. Dr Mandec prescribed frequent therapy and allowed the family to take Abdul to church every Sunday.

When Abdul was 2 years old, he was given admission in to a special education school in Alum Rock. He was later moved to a school in Forest Hills. Despite not being able to walk, Abdul fought the good fight and tried to lead a normal life, even doing very well academically. His teachers, peers and family were significantly impressed with all that Abdul was able to accomplish, despite his evident difficulties.

After 2 different surgeries, Abdul was able to walk once again at the age of 4 and a half years old. Surely, the brave Abdul was able to return to a normal life, which he did so when he moved to a regular elementary school. The school was highly supportive of Abdul and his family during this period.

Getting his life on track, Abdul even shows significant charitable characteristics, going out of his way to help others in need. His new therapist, Renee Cortise, stated that Abdul was a special child and wants to make his dream come true. As such, we now envision the Abdul Miracle Disabled Children’s Foundation.