The Abdul Miracle Disabled Children’s Foundation (AMDCF) is a Non-Profit organization formed on the basis of serving Sierra Leone’s Disabled Children with primary objectives on Education, Livelihood, Growth and Development and Physosocial support.

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According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ,The principles of the present Convention shall be: (a) Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make one’s own choices, and independence of persons; (b) Non-discrimination; (c) Full and effective participation and inclusion in society; (d) Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and humanity; (e) Equality of opportunity; (f) Accessibility; (g) Equality between men and women; (h) Respect for the evolving capacities of children with disabilities and respect for the right of children with disabilities to preserve their identities.

But yet still we see people with various forms of disabilities especially children been one of the most deprived in Society all throughout the World and more so in Developing Countries of which Sierra Leone is no Exception lacking their fundamental rights and privileges in various aspect of their daily lives ranging from access to quality education, adequate health care, Inclusion, Equality of Opportunity and More.

Amidst these challenges and more faced by PWD’s in Sierra Leone, Abdul Miracle Disabled Children’s Foundation (A.M.D.C.F) saw the Need to empower, capacitate and best address the felt needs of disabled children through our programs targeting education, livelihood, Growth & Development and Physosocial support.

The Foundation as part of it School scholarship Scheme currently supports Fifty Two (52) Less Priviledge Disabled Children in a form of School Tuition, Learning Materials and Uniforms .As part of our Physosocial work we form liaisons with the school Authorities and Community Stake holders in schools they attend and the communities they live as a way of evaluating progress reports, academic outputs and addressing any inadequacies regarding the social challenges they face in school and their communities.

We are currently operating in the western area urban and rural areas in Sierra Leone (More specifically Freetown and its environs) this been treated as a pilot phase of our programs with the aim of extending our support and the scope of our intervention nationwide.
We are engaged in advocacy activities to ensure that we raise awareness on issues affecting children with disability and also use it as a platform to seek support and assistance to meet the needs of these children through radio and television talk shows, and the social media platforms.
We also advocate to line organizations, institutions and individuals to boost the support provided to these children as enacted in the constitution of Sierra Leone through the Disability Act of 2011.

Do your Part for PWDs

AMDCF aims to help young PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) get a new lease on life by providing them resources and help that will make it possible for them to overcome challenges. As a volunteer or donor, you can do your part to ensure that PWDs get the chance to lead normal lives by –

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• Paying for their Education
Physically challenged children feel more empowered and become more independent if they are provided educational resources that are specially adapted for their needs. Pay for their school fee and learning materials for both their tertiary and university education.

• Expand our Operations
For the disabled children who are left on the side of roads to beg their keep, schooling is a luxury. Help us expand our operational scope in Freetown and other areas of the province. Your contributions will make it possible for us to provide a number of financially deprived PWDs the schooling they need to become self reliant.

• Medical and Physiotherapy
Resources for medical and physiotherapy sessions will ensure their health

• Advocate
Increase social awareness. Champion our cause and help us protect the rights of disabled persons. Help us make social amenities like public transportation and buildings user friendly for people with disabilities.

• Increase Awareness in Schools and in Public
Social stigmas can prevent disabled persons from acquiring the right resources to lead normal lives. Most of the stigma comes from their extended families. Help us increase awareness and equip society with the knowledge they need to understand how disabilities affect lives and how they can be facilitated within society.

• Empower Parents/Wards
Empower the parents or wards of young PWDs by providing them income generating activities. Income generating resources will help such communities provide food, shelter and clothing for their children.
Help AMDCF make a difference.

As a Non-profit organization, we have been helping towards the development and empowerment of Children with disabilities in Sierra Leone through the following:

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• Help support the education of fifty-two (52) disabled children who are currently acquiring quality and inclusive education through scholarship in the form of tuition fees, uniforms and other assistive devices.

• Help create awareness of the Persons with Disability Acts 2011 and it importance towards disabled children in Sierra Leone.

• Help give children with disabilities access to rehabilitation services as well as help them with psycho-social support.

• Sensitize parents about their children’s disabilities, impressing on the importance of the necessary care they need to develop.